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Welcome to the official website of Aktiv-Konsult TA - accounting firm!

This website was created, in order to maximise and aid our contact with you – our clients.

Here you can learn more about us and about the way we work for you and your business.


The accounting firm Aktiv-Konsult TA was established in 2012 by a team of highly qualified accountants.

Our aim is to offer professional accounting services to our customers – monthly and one-time services, accounting and taxation consultations, payroll and social security calculations, services connected to the Commercial Register, representation in front of the administrative institutions - all at reasonable prices.

Our team includes professionals with many years of experience in the areas of financial and accounting services, as well as expertise in the field of financial auditing. You will receive an independent and objective advice in the financial and accounting spheres and in the area of auditing.

Aktiv-Konsult TA offers services to newly established, as well as already existing Bulgarian and international firms from diverse business areas.

Our work takes into account the latest normative requirements, relating to the economic activity of the businesses, and it is conducted in accordance with the regulations of the Bulgarian accounting, tax and labour laws.

The services we offer are in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. a) The national accounting standards for financial reports of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the unified implementation of the international terminology;
  2. b) The international standards for financial reporting accepted by the EU and their relevant implementation, when applicable to the client.

Aktiv-Konsult TA offers services to natural persons, as well as sole traders.

Our team aims at offering solutions, which save money, time and efforts. We utilise to a maximum degree all available electronic services for communication with our clients and in order to submit information to the relevant administrative bodies.


Choosing Aktiv-Konsult TA and the advantages

  1. a) Complex accounting services, constantly implementing the new developments in the accounting, tax and labour legislation;
  2. bPrecision in work;
  3. cIndependent and objective financial, accounting and auditing consultations;
  4. dIndividual approach to every client;
  5. eIntegrity and confidentiality;
  6. fGood quality/price ratio.


Our expertise

Our team has experience in various areas of the business life:

  1. aManufacturing
  2. bCommerce
  3. cTourism
  4. dTransport
  5. eConstruction
  6. fConsulting services
  7. gSole traders

and many others.