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Tax and accounting services

The purpose of our team is to ensure that we deliver services, customised precisely for each client. We offer accounting services through a contract based on a monthly fee, thereby guaranteeing our responsibility in relation to the accounting activity of your company, the constant monitoring of the rapid changes in the tax and accounting legislation and the compliance with the deadlines for various documents. We aim to reduce to the minimum your responsibilities and tasks relating to the tax and accounting activities of your company during the time of our cooperation. Most of your activities are mainly finalised with the handing-in of the primary documents at our office. For minimisation of your expenses, optimisation of your income and business development, we remain at your disposal.

Full accounting and tax services

  • Constant and timely processing of incoming and outgoing primary documents, taking account of the National Accounting Legislation and the International Accounting Standards;
  • Examination of the incoming and outgoing primary documents, in order to ensure compliance with the tax and accounting legislation;
  • Timely preparation of all necessary tax documentation in accordance with the legal registration of the client and specifically:
    – Preparing and submitting VAT declarations to the National Revenue Agency;
    – Preparing and submitting VIES and INTRASTAT declarations to the registers of the National
    – Revenue Agency;
    – In case of necessity – documentary examinations for the needs of the clients in relation to the National Social Security Institute, National Statistical Institute and others;
    – Annual accounting finalisation and completion of the annual tax statements and accounting reports.
  • Monthly preparation of valuations of the liabilities and receivables of the client;
  • Monitoring of tax payments due to the National Revenue Agency and preparation of associated payment orders;
  • Online monitoring of outstanding tax payments;  
  • In case of necessity for cooperation with banks and leasing agencies – calculation of the current accounting status;
  • Possibility for tax and accounting consultations, which are included in the monthly fee;
  • VAT registration and de-registration;
  • Notifications in relation to upcoming deadlines for outstanding tax and social security payments;
  • Optimisation of the tax and social security payments;
  • Calculation and determination of the tax, payroll and social security payments.

Our main goal is to enable you to adhere to all tax and administrative requirements in our country. Our specialists deliver effective and legally sound optimisation decisions in relation to the outstanding tax amounts, owed to the state. The tax legislation is being amended constantly and no matter the legal form, the size and the business area, in which you are active, every business decision has a subsequent liability effect. The aim of our team is to inform you accurately and timely about those changes and to offer you efficient decisions in relation to specific to your activities issues, to present the viable solutions and related consequences and to remove the taxation risks with negative effects to your business together.


Services related to payroll and social insurance

  • Submitting of documentation to the National Revenue Agency;
  • Preparation of employment records;
  • Preparation and completion of the required documentation for the initiation and termination of employment contracts;
  • Calculation of payroll - charges and deductions, compensations and social and health insurance calculations;
  • Preparation of pay-slips, while taking into account sick leaves and holidays;
  • Social security calculations – monthly calculations of various types of social and health securities  and others in accordance with the associated national legislation and the provided employment contracts, as well as preparation of payment orders for transferring of the associated payments to a designated bank account, given by the client in advance;
  • Submitting required information, relating to the social and health insurance payments, to the National Revenue Agency;
  • Registration of sick leaves;
  • Providing references and related certificates, income statements and others.

After suggesting the most suitable form for organising the employment relations, we undertake the task of preparing the documentation for the employment records and subsequently necessary annexes, in order to comply with all legislative requirements, and have the obligation to notify the National Revenue Agency about the changes and the completion of the employment and social security documentation. We ensure the correct registration of the employment and social status of all personnel in your company, providing consultation about the taxation effects and the foreseeable associated costs owed to the state treasury in advance, before the conclusion of the employment contract, thereby ensuring we remove any unwanted sanctions. We declare the outstanding taxes and social security related expenses to the National Revenue Agency on monthly basis, we provide full documentation about the payroll, pay-slips and personnel expenses for each employee, as well as completed payment orders for the social insurance and taxation obligations of the company. We also prepare references, related certificates and income statements, when necessary.

Representation with the National Revenue Agency

In addition to the accounting services and in case of a conclusion of a contract for monthly accounting services, we undertake the responsibility to represent our clients before the National Revenue Agency in case of tax audits, in the context of raising objections in relation to outstanding financial obligations of our clients, preparation of appeals, references and similar documentation – we submit them in the name of our clients, as well as receive legal acts in their name, notifications and messages form the appropriate administrative bodies in accordance with the competences agreed upon beforehand with our customers. In the service is included also the provision of space for the inspections and audits carried out by the National Revenue Agency, when possible.


Services related to the business register

It is our obligation to prepare and submit the annual accounting reports and the annual tax statements in the appropriate shape and form for publication in the Commercial Register. The price for publication is not included in the monthly fee.

Our firm has been cooperating with a prestigious law firm, which, in case of an interest on your part, could take over all actions for the creation and registration of a new enterprise in the Commercial Register.

In case of interest, we will inform you about the necessary documentation and the price of the service.

Call now and ask for firm registration on the following number: +359 2 42 32 789


Services related to the provision of financial and auditing expertise

The firm through our General Manager Valentin Todorov offers also the preparation of financial, economic and accounting expert opinions, usable in front of the Sofia Regional and Sofia City Courts, as well as for the purposes of the enterprise management.